Data Connect allows data analysts and business administrators to analyze transactional and inventory data from the RQ Retail Management System.

Figure 1: Illustrates the interaction between RQ and Data Connect reports.

data connect flow diagram

How Does Data Connect Benefit Me?

Data Connect includes a wide variety of reports you can use to measure performance and growth for your company.

If you require a more detailed deep-down look into your performance measures, iQmetrix also offers custom reports tailored to your business needs.

Why Use Data Connect?

No more lost in translation moments - instead of manually downloading reports from RQ and inputting the data into another system manually, automate the process with the Data Connect API.

Data Connect users benefit from…

How Do I Get Started?

Contact your account manager to get started using Data Connect. They will help guide you through the steps of obtaining access credentials and will provide you with a support liaison.

Once you have access credentials (onboarding package), read through the guide for important authentication and implementation details.

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