The following document outlines APIs and requests in common integration scenarios between the iQmetrix Endless Aisle solution and external systems utilizing APIs.

Postman Example

iQmetrix uses Postman when testing and debugging our APIs.

Click the button below to import the collection directly into Postman.

Who Is This Guide For?

The intended audience for this guide are developers who are integrating an external system with Endless Aisle, such as…

Onboarding Package

As part of the onboarding process, you will have received an onboarding package from the iQmetrix API team. This package provides you credentials and access details in order to perform the topics covered in this guide.

Should you require information beyond the scope of this guide, or did not receive the onboarding package, contact Support.


iQmetrix provides you with two environments: Sandbox and Production. Use the Sandbox environment to test your API and to perform end-to-end testing. After completing this stage proceed to the Production environment.

For more information on environments, see Environment.

The iQmetrix API supports JSON and JSON + HAL. See Supported Response Formats for more information.

Before You Begin

To make requests to iQmetrix APIs, you must generate an Access Token.

Definition: An Access Token is a serialized security object that identifies its owner and allows authenticated access to iQmetrix APIs.

Use the request Obtaining an Access Token and the following parameters:

Example Request (cURL)
curl -X POST \
  https://accountsrc.iqmetrix.net/v1/oauth2/token \
  -H 'content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
  -d 'grant_type=password&client_id=PROVIDEDCLIENTID&client_secret=PROVIDEDSECRET&username=EMAIL&password=PASSWORD'
Example Response
HTTP 200
    "access_token": "b0k0dY70N3Vv9jR1b9oEdW9IeT5WIn85WCYFJRo6AiIKLEMBFwNbEQsfeCUeM3gdPA1gAAVxWTJacX8mJyBaGRcFVwQOEV49NgBz",
    "expires_in": 43199,
    "refresh_token": "FOPAB0K3eshQjrJW4mt6FbWF3OwDJL7CGdZX"

The token (access_token) is placed in the Authorization header of requests to iQmetrix APIs, prefixed by the word Bearer.

Authorization: Bearer b0k0dY70N3Vv9jR1b9oEdW9IeT5WIn85WCYFJRo6AiIKLEMBFwNbEQsfeCUeM3gdPA1gAAVxWTJacX8mJyBaGRcFVwQOEV49NgBz
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