The purpose of the Master Entity structure is to allow manufacturers, vendors, or any type of content provider to reflect how their content is displayed in a retailer’s location. This Master Entity content is typically displayed on devices through the iQmetrix Endless Aisle solution.

Definition of a Master Entity

A Master Entity can be a company, supplier, manufacturer, or any organization that has an established relationship with one or many company sub-entities. A sub-entity is often a retailer who the Master Entity is partnered with or potentially owns. For example, Best Buy locations have floor space reserved for Mobile vendors, such as Apple or Samsung, with the vendors’ branding.

The Master Entity takes on some of the content or application management responsibilities, allowing them to distribute this content to sub-entities. The Master Entity structure takes over the duty of content management from the retailer, and shifts it to the Master Entity, allowing them to centrally create and modify the content they share with sub-entities.

Master Entity Scenarios

A Master Entity can be one of many different types of organizations.

Two Master Entity scenarios fit the Endless Aisle profile.

Scenario 1: Manufacturer

A manufacturer or brand has partnered with a retailer, which the Master Entity does not own.


Best Buy, a major retailer, leases out extra space in its store to Apple, a manufacturer and brand.

The Master Entity (Apple) leasing the space implements Endless Aisle devices to capture the attention of customers. In this scenario, the Master Entity creates the content for Endless Aisle, which is shared with the retailer (Best Buy), and the retailer associates the content to those devices.

Scenario 2: Umbrella Corporation

An umbrella company has various subsidiary brands that it owns and manages. This Master Entity could also be a Franchisor who wants to manage content for their Franchisees.


Rogers, a parent organization, has acquired multiple companies under its umbrella but maintains the distinction between the different brands (e.g. Fido). Rogers would be the Master Entity as they want to create content for their Endless Aisle devices in these stores once and distribute this content to all of their associated stores.