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Thank you for visiting the iQmetrix Developer Portal. Here you will find all documentation and resources related to our APIs. We believe in a great user interface and are working hard to redesign the Developer Portal to help you easily navigate through our documentation. Stay tuned for the next release of our iQmetrix Developer Portal.

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iQmetrix Platform and its connecting pieces


The iQmetrix Platform is built from the ground up to support omni-channel retail experiences. All our Platform services are designed with a publicly-facing REST API as a first-class citizen. This is the same API that our own developers use to build various products.

Please note that while some Platform APIs help power RQ, RQ-specific APIs are not integrated with the iQmetrix Platform. If you are an RQ client and would like access to our other APIs, please contact

Getting Started

This section provides guides for getting started with iQmetrix APIs.


This section provides in-depth documentation for all iQmetrix RQ APIs along with Platform APIs that are integrated with RQ.


These iQmetrix developer guides provide further guidance for developers who are looking to integrate with certain RQ APIs.

Core Concepts

These iQmetrix Developer concepts are intended to help you integrate with our Platform APIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions related to our APIs.

Sample Applications

These integration apps allow you to use Magento or Shopify to create or update products in Endless Aisle using iQmetrix Platform APIs.