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November 7th, 2017

October 13th, 2017

Changelog Archive

08/15/2017 Removed General Ledger, Partner Reporting and Partner Relationships page. Data Connect should be used in lieu of these pages
08/14/2017 Added new requests to CMI - Updating a Purchase Order, Get Vendors and Get Store Information
08/10/2017 Removed Dropship Test Order Guide from navigation as API Support will now create test orders on request
08/09/2017 NEW GUIDE - Dropship eCommerce Guide
08/03/2017 CRM - Added clarifying notes when creating an Address
08/02/2017 Carrier Integration API - Changed suggested birth date format to yyyy-mm-dd
08/01/2017 VMI - Added clarification to some field description. 3PA Troubleshooting Tool updated
07/25/2017 Data Connect - Added Activity Tracking Report
07/11/2017 Customer API - Searching for Customers has been removed, it was misleading. Customer Search should be used instead. Fixed CustomerExtensionId from integer to GUID (correct) in updating a customer extension. Orders - Added missing information that ProductId must be unique for items on an Order
07/10/2017 Company Tree API - Fixed typo in Searching by ClientEntityId, URL listed ClientEntityId twice
07/05/2017 Data Connect - Moved Get Entry Types, Get Card Types and Get Bill Pay Provider IDs to Data Connect reference, from Data Connect Finance Reports
06/30/2017 Security Roles - New Endpoint Delete Security Role. Dropship Onboarding Guide - Added section “Adding Products”
06/26/2017 Data Connect - New endpoint, CashOuts (see Finance Console)
06/20/2017 Update to Terms of Use - see Caching section. Added UTF-8 support to Data Connect
06/19/2017 EPC - Updated MSRP field descriptions
06/08/2017 Data Connect - New report - Tax Collected Report
06/07/2017 Data Connect - New response option, MSSQL. New request added, Updating Customer Discount Level
06/05/2017 Data Connect - New report Misc/SecurityJournalReport, Added new CSV.Delimiter parameter to replace the standard ‘,’ in CSV files with another value. Changed “demo” to “rc” in endpoints for better support. Added clarification to Supplier Orders regarding updating status
06/01/2017 Data Connect - Changed all DateRange to be required even though it is not requird in the API. This is to avoid confusion as either DateRange OR StartDate/StopDate must be provided and DateRange is far more common
05/31/2017 Data Connect - Added new optional parameter to Getting Product Availability to group by location
05/30/2017 ProductSubscription - Removed ProductSlugs (unsupported field). Data Connect - Added page Data Connect Pricing and Availability
05/25/2017 Supplier Orders - Added more descriptions for clarification
05/24/2017 Product Feed - added some clarification to required fields, changes are backwards compatible and intended to improve the dropship onboarding process. VMI/CMI - Changed the name of requests for clarification as they are all POST requests
05/10/2017 Order Management - Default pagination has been implemented for Get a List of Orders. Page will default to 1 and pageSize to 50 if not provided
05/05/2017 EPC - Added request Cancelling a Batch. Supplier Orders - Marked optional field Status as required and changed from string to Integer (changes are backwards compatible). Added a warning about duplicate shipments
05/02/2017 Added many new Data Connect reports - ManagerOverrideReport, ManagerTimeSheetApprovalReport, MarketingSummaryReport, MilestonesProgressReport, NonSellableProductsReport, RequestedTimeOffReport, ServiceManagerReport, ServiceRequestHistoryReport, ServiceRequestOutstandingInventoryReport, SignedOutWarrantyLoanerProductsReport, StartingInventoryCountHistoryReport
05/01/2017 Added clarification to SourceId/SourceName in Order API. Added 503 error code for Data Connect, “Maintenance”. Added DatePercision URI paramter to Data Connect Finance Console - Getting the GL Account Activity Report for Company Details. Enabled experimental build to improve performance
04/28/2017 Data Connect - Added many new reports
04/27/2017 VMI - Three new calls added, CompleteRMA, CommitRMA and UpdateRMA
04/26/2017 Data Connect Inventory Reports - Added COGSAccountNumber and StoreID to PurchaseOrderDetailReportData. Clarified use of EPC endpoints making some properties required, as sending an empty POST body was possible but served no purpose
04/24/2017 Data Connect Misc - Added Workstation Payment Audit Report
04/21/2017 Added Extended Example to Carrier Integration API reference and note to AdditionalFee.Amount. Added new Data Connect page, Data Connect Misc Reports
04/18/2017 ANNOUNCEMENT The Developer Portal has been switched to Github Pages instead of WordPress. The site should now be significantly faster and more reliable. We apologize for any inconvenience as we test the system for bugs
03/27/2017 Authentication API - Added Token Info endpoint. Added FAQ sections to Supplier Availability, Product Feed and Product Subscription API reference pages
03/22/2017 Data Connect - Corrected FinancingID to FinancingDetailID
03/20/2017 Data Connect Finance Reports - Cash Audit Trail Report URI parameter fixed as it was incorrectly listed as ForWhoIDs. Data Connect Inventory Reports - Added note to Inventory Availability Summary Report URI param ProductIdentifier that it is required when SearchType=2, and corrected Non Sellable History Report to include required parameter ReasonCode
03/14/2017 Data Connect - Added Headers section to clarify authentication. Data Connect Guide - Added section on DateRange. Data Connect Finance Console - Added SpecialIdentifier to Receiving Invoice History Report. Data Connect Inventory Reports - Added AccountNumber to GL Account Activity Report
03/13/2017 Catalog API - SourceIds property has been defined and is no longer for Future Use. This field lists the parent SubscriptionList identifier the product originated from
03/10/2017 Pricing API - Added additional error messages, improved creating pricing at company level example to show CompanyId in both CompanyId and EntityId fields, as intended
03/07/2017 Due to a WordPress security vulnerability, the Developer Portal has been reinitialized. We greatly apologize for any UI issues or bugs you may encounter as we complete the process
03/06/2017 Order API: Added clarification to ListPrice, SellingPrice and Quantity. API Landing (/api) - Added sections about API status (ping) and Changes (changelog). Data Connect Sales - Adde CustomerID to Serialized Coupon Report
02/24/2017 CMI: Added notes to clarify the use of PurchaseOrderID and VendorId when creating a PO
02/23/2017 Data Connect: Added CategoryPath and ParentID to CategoryNumber resource
02/22/2017 Data Connect Guide: Added many new response types. Carrier Integration: Corrected “POST”-ing a Activation to Creating an Activation. Customers: Removed $skip and $top from requests to be consistent with other references. Orders: Added note that OrderFull must be in Pending or Created state to be updated
02/17/2017 Data Connect Finance Reports - Tax Details Report added additional field TotalTaxPaidAmount and the report is now dynamic and will return columns based on taxes configured in RQ
02/17/2017 Data Connect Commission Reports - Clarified VendorAccountID parameter with new list that retrieves list of Vendor Accounts
02/14/2017 Data Connect Guide - Added support for FTPS and PowerBI. Data Connect Commissions - Added clarification to ApplyShowOnInvoice description and added additional support for true/false - previous 0/1 value is still supported
02/13/2017 Supplier Orders - Added shipping-entity-id to OrderCreated resource. Supplier Orders - Added new property shipping-entity-id to OrderCreated. Catalogs - Added includeArchived to Getting Catalog Items request. Orders - Added clarification around changing State and processing. Carrier Integration - Added better description to ID field
01/30/2017 Data Connect - ExcelEmail response type changed to Excel.Email. Added new response type for transferring file via FTP. See Data Connect Guide for more information. VMI - Added note about upcoming new fields to ProductInformation resource
01/30/2017 Catalog API - Added resources CatalogClassification, CatalogCategory, CatalogClassificationTree and request Getting a Catalog Classification Tree
01/27/2017 Order API - Creating a Full Order. EntityId was mistakenly set to Optional, when it has been required for a very long time. This was an oversight on our part, we deeply regret any confusion this error caused.
01/26/2017 Inventory Availability - Added IsLot and UnitId (internal use properties), Carrier Integration - Added Subscriber.MemberNumber, ConfirmedActivation properties LocationName, EmployeeName and ActivationLookupField properties CarrierId, Required, CompanyId and LocationId. Catalog - Added MeasurementType, NonStock and BatchTracking (internal use properties), Company Tree - Added DisplayName. Entities - Added Display Name. General Ledger - Added CreatedByUserName and UpdatedByUserName. Security Roles - Added SecurityModelVersion
01/25/2017 Data Connect - Added new response type for emailing. See Data Connect Guide for more information
01/24/2017 Supplier Orders - Added note about upcoming non-breaking change, adding business-name to order-created.shipping-address
01/20/2017 DC Finance - Added Bill Pay History Report
01/18/2017 DC Inventory - Added Auto Transfer In and Out Reports and Batch Inventory Import Report
01/13/2017 The Developer Portal Reskin is complete! We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work out bugs in the new system. Added to Inventory Availability - Get Supplier SKUs and Get Availability for All Catalog Items for a Location
01/11/2017 RDC - Added DateRange to all reports with StartDate and StopDate as an optional parameter that overrides StartDate and StopDate
01/06/2017 RDC Inventory - Added UnitCost to PurchaseOrderAmendmentReport. RDC - Added new List GLSourceType
01/05/2017 RDC Finance - CashAuditTrailReportData is now Dynamic. RDC Inventory - Added VendorTerms and Employee Username to PurchaseOrderAmendmentReportData and ReceivingInvoiceHistoryReportByProductData. RDC Finance Console - added MemberNumber and EmployeeUsername to CompanyDetailData
01/04/2017 Many RDC Reports that had a CategoryNumber parameter listed it incorrectly as required, this has been fixed. Added report: RDC Inventory - Purchase Order Detail Report
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