The goal of the Onboarding phase is to start developers on the path to success with iQmetrix APIs.


The following items must be completed before continuing on to the next phase.

Attend Onboarding Call

iQmetrix will work with you to schedule an onboarding call.

During this meeting you will be introduced to iQmetrix APIs and the Dropship process.

Sign Master Services Agreement

API Subscribers are required to sign a Master Services Agreement (MSA) and accept the Terms of Use before API access is granted.

Provide Emails for Accounts

You must provide one or more email addresses that will be used to access iQmetrix APIs.

We recommend creating a new email address in your system for API access, such as iQmetrixUser@companydomain.com.

Provide Retailer List

If applicable, provide a list of retailers interested in using your dropship integration as early adopters.

The following information should be included for each retailer:

iQmetrix will process this list and provide you with a list of Company identifiers (CompanyId) for both Sandbox and Production Environments.

Determine Product Identifier

iQmetrix expects suppliers to maintain an identifier for each product in the form of a Vendor SKU.

The term VendorSKU is used throughout this guide and refers to an identifier for a product in a supplier system.

Read Onboarding Package

As part of the onboarding process, you will receive an onboarding package containing credentials needed to access iQmetrix APIs.

Before you can recieve an onboarding package, you must:

If you have completed the above tasks and have not received your onboarding package, contact support.

Generate an Access Token

To make requests to iQmetrix APIs, you must generate an Access Token.

Definition: An Access Token is a serialized security object that identifies its owner and allows authenticated access to iQmetrix APIs.

Use the request Obtaining an Access Token and the following parameters:

Example Request (cURL)
curl -X POST \
  https://accountsrc.iqmetrix.net/v1/oauth2/token \
  -H 'content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
  -d 'grant_type=password&client_id=PROVIDEDCLIENTID&client_secret=PROVIDEDSECRET&username=EMAIL&password=PASSWORD'
Example Response
HTTP 200
    "access_token": "b0k0dY70N3Vv9jR1b9oEdW9IeT5WIn85WCYFJRo6AiIKLEMBFwNbEQsfeCUeM3gdPA1gAAVxWTJacX8mJyBaGRcFVwQOEV49NgBz",
    "expires_in": 43199,
    "refresh_token": "FOPAB0K3eshQjrJW4mt6FbWF3OwDJL7CGdZX"

The token (access_token) is placed in the Authorization header of requests to iQmetrix APIs, prefixed by the word Bearer.

Authorization: Bearer b0k0dY70N3Vv9jR1b9oEdW9IeT5WIn85WCYFJRo6AiIKLEMBFwNbEQsfeCUeM3gdPA1gAAVxWTJacX8mJyBaGRcFVwQOEV49NgBz

(Optional) Attended Postman Training

iQmetrix uses Postman for troubleshooting APIs.

Import a postman collection for this guide by clicking button below.

If you are interested in attending a free postman training session, contact Support.

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