Partner Programs

If you’re an iQmetrix partner, these APIs will be of interest to you.

Vendor Managed Inventory

The VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) API is the only way iQmetrix VMI partners, who manage inventory on behalf of a retailer, are able to communicate back to the RQ Retail Management Solution. In today’s current environment of growing competition and shrinking margins, outsourced inventory management can be that competitive edge for long-term success.


The Dropship API is the only way iQmetrix drop ship partners are able to share products with the in-store shopper through sales assist tools like Endless Aisle, and RQ Mobile, and the online shopper through the retailer’s online store. The Dropship API is also the only way for partners to retrieve orders completed in the RQ Retail Management Solution and eCommerce platform. Drop Ship moves goods from the manufacturer directly to the customer without going through the usual distribution channels, allowing retailers to never miss a sale.