Get to production faster with iQmetrix use cases you’re likely to implement. Guides help you learn how to accomplish specific tasks. Core concepts describe how something was designed to help you understand the iQmetrix APIs better.

Core Concepts

Company Tree

Learn about how a company’s structure is represented to help you make the right API requests and interpret API responses.

Product Catalog

Learn the inner workings of how catalogs are structured and the different kinds of products that are supported.

Product Classification

Create products faster. Learn about how products are classified in the catalog.

Product Structure

Create products faster. Learn about product variations and revisions.

User Manager

Learn about permissions, security roles and users.

General Guides

Authentication Guide

How to authenticate with iQmetrix APIs.

Create a User for RQ Guide

How to add an employee in RQ retail management system with assigned permissions and locations.

Dropship eCommerce Guide

How to integrate a 3rd Party eCommerce solution with iQmetrix Dropship.

Inventory Adjustments Guide

How to perform inventory adjustments on products for your stores.

Purchase Order Guide

How to create purchase orders for your stores.

Third Party Authentication Integration or SSO

How to update RQ to authenticate against your Identity Service system.

Partner Guides

Dropship Onboarding Guide

How Dropship suppliers are onboarded.

Dropship Webhooks

How to use the webhooks implemented for Dropship.

Vendor Inventory Implementation Guide

How to create Purchase Orders in RQ as a Vendor.