DataConnect (

DataConnect is a web-based connector service you can use to extract data from iQmetrix by making simple HTTP requests. It provides endpoints for common data requirements, various auth mechanisms, and other utility endpoints. This API provides you a catalog of retailer data sets designed to meet your simple to complex reporting needs and is the perfect tool for your data analyst to quickly derive insights about your retail operations.


Usage Information

See Usage section.

Security Protocols

We recommend that users use TLS 1.2 when connecting to DataConnect.

Sign Up

To signup, contact your account manager for pricing and onboarding with DataConnect.

Release Notes

Release Notes for Data Connect can be found on the API Release Notes page.

Documentation Errata

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the documentation for DataConnect. If you have noticed a mistake or have a qustion, please let us know at apisupport [at] iqmetrix [dot] com, subject "Documentation Issue".



Bearer token. See Obtaining an Access Token.

Once authenticated DataConnect will pass back a session cookie, this cookie should be provided on each subsequent request to make use of your existing session for performance purposes.

Security Scheme Type HTTP
HTTP Authorization Scheme bearer



All DataConnect endpoints have a series of shared URL/Query Parameters that define specific actions based on the data being passed, such as:

  • Response file type
  • Mode of data delivery
  • Preferred language
  • Response encoding options, etc.

See the Universal Query Parameters and Sample Usage section for examples.

HTTP Method

All DataConnect endpoints support the GET and POST method. There is no functionality change for either method, other than using POST allows you to put the parameters in a request body instead. If the same parameter appears in both the request body and in the URL, preference is given to the URL parameter.

See the Universal Request Payload Parameters and Sample Usage section for examples.

Error Responses

Error Code Description
400 Bad Request - An error indicating the request cannot be understood due to missing parameters.
401 Unauthorized - An error indicating failure to provide a valid token.
403 Forbidden - An error indicating insufficient user access privileges.
404 Not Found - An error indicating that the requested resource was not found.
413 Payload Too Large - DataConnect estimates the number of records that will be returned on a request. If greater than 1,048,576 records (Matches row limit for Microsoft Excel) would be returned, the request is blocked.
429 Too Many Requests (Rate limiting has been applied) - This error occurs for two possible reasons: (1) the number of active concurrent requests on a single resource is dynamically calculated to exceed available capacity or (2) a request has a high risk of impacting business critical systems. For more information, see Rate Limiting.
500 Internal Server Error - This error may indicate issues with the API. Please reach out to us with the details of the issue at apisupport [at] iqmetrix [dot] com, subject "Error Report".