This guide outlines the steps required to implement an iQmetrix Dropship integration.

Dropship Flow Diagram

Who is this Guide For?

The intended audience for this guide are developers integrating an external supplier system with iQmetrix Dropship.

What is Dropship?

Dropship is a retailer practice of sending items from a manufacturer or supplier directly to a consumer.

Dropship in RQ


iQmetrix provides two Environments: Sandbox and Production.

The Sandbox Environment should be used during the Managing Products and Managing Orders phases and for end-to-end testing.

Once you have reached the Launch phase, switch to the Production Environment.


This section contains answers to frequently asked Dropship questions.

How do I map customers in a 3rd party system to dropship customers?

If you would like to map iQmetrix Customers to customers in a 3rd party system, contact your API Launch Specialist for instructions and to have a CustomerExtension mapping resource created.

How do I update product shipping status when testing?

Once a Dropship order is submitted, the supplier is responsible for updating the shipping status of the Order.